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Crawling on the Floor of the Ocean, Tasting Delicious – Dungeness Crab!

Crab Nuggets

Crab Nuggets

We are fortunate enough to live by the shores of Puget Sound. It’s a beautiful place to live – we’re grateful to be in the Pacific Northwest and one of the chief reasons we love our little bay so much is because it’sĀ filled with sweet, delicious Dungeness crab.

Dungeness crabs crawl about on the floor of the ocean eating the muck from the bottomĀ and transmuting it into sweet, utterly delicious flesh. It’s just remarkable!

We generally haul in anywhere from 100-200 gorgeous Dungeness crabs over the course of a season. Then it’s Picking Time – we gather round, drink wine, and pick crab meat for freezing.

The secret to freezing crab meat properly, so it tastes wonderful a few months later, when it’s Fall or even Winter and you’re craving the taste of fresh crab, is to first chill it thoroughly in a Ziplock bag. Then, once it’s partly frozen, remove it from the Ziplock and vacuum seal it with a Seal a Meal or similar.

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