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Poor Man’s Caesar Salad – we Love our Kale

Wilted Kale Salad

Periodically, when we’re in the dead of winter, we begin thinking deep, green thoughts. At those times, this salad comes irresistibly to her mind and Bonney turns into a slicing and chopping foo’ in the kitchen while she preps the kale for this gorgeous and entirely delicious salad, adapted from the popular “Poor Man’s Caesar Salad” at Lupa’s in NYC.

I admire her energy and I love the result – living proof that you do not need to cook kale to make it entirely lovely – you just need to chop it properly and marinate it in a lemon (or vinegar) based dressing. In fact, if you love to play with your food, this is a great salad to mix with your hands, as “massaging” the kale with the dressing makes it even more tender. Read the rest of this entry »

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