How Do We Know it’s Spring – Farmstands and Farmers Markets and Festivals, Oh My!!

It’s pretty easy to tell when Spring starts – everybody has their own way of determining their personal Spring start-date. For some people, it’s the beginning of baseball season – and we’re not averse to that – but for some, it’s the opening of Schue’s Farmer’s Stand in Stanwood, WA. Oh – if you’d like to see *why* this says Spring to me, here’s a picture I took of the inside of the farmstand on their opening day of last year (2012). Click the picture to see the whole thing. Right now, their Stanwood location is closed for the Winter, but they’ll be opening soon!

Schuh’s Farmstand, Stanwood, WA., April 1, 2011 – Spring!

Schue’s is a family stand that’s been around for generations in our neck of the woods. Jennifer, the proprieter, is a sweet, funny woman who demonstrates a classic Newtonian law – A Body at Rest Tends to Remain at Rest – a Body in Motion Tends to Remain in Motion. As it happens, Jennifer is rarely at rest.

These are folks who’ve been in the business of growing (and raising) food for generations. They’re hard-working, generous and funny.

Please support them, and our other local farmers. Try a Farmer’s Market break from the usual harried run of supermarket shopping. Visit a nearby Farmer’s Market. We think ours is pretty great!

Have a cup of coffee. Visit with the producers. You might even meet a friend, or engage in lively discussion with a neighbor over which tomato really does taste best or the virtues of root vegetables.

And of course here in the Skagit Valley, we are fortunate enough to have some of the world’s largest growers of tulips. One way of saying “It’s Spring” in the Valley is “It’s time for the Tulip Festival!!”.

Let us know how you mark the entrance of Spring.  Is there a special food or drink or ritual that says Spring to you?