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With a little help from my friends – Roasted Vegetable Lasagna

Well, there’s been a marriage to put on. And we moved. And. . .and. . .you know, keeping up a blog is work. But it’s also a joy, particularly when fantastic people like Angela, at Spinach Tiger encourage you to keep writing about your passions – life, people, stories – and food!!Here in the Northwest, we’re enjoying peak season for a wide variety of gorgeous vegetables. Summer squash! Pattypan squash! Leafy greens, radishes, golden beets,¬†fresh corn¬†– the harvest has been a bountiful one this year. And herbs – we have more fresh green herbs in the kitchen garden of our new home then I’ve ever imagined we could! Anybody need some tarragon?I wanted to do something with all these veggies and we were hungry for something with a little authority, a bit of substance. So I thought – “Roasted veggie lasagna”! And yup,¬† there it was – Martha even had a recipe, which made me eager to come up with my own version. Here it is: Read the rest of this entry »

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