It’s a Problem – But It’s a *Good* Problem – What Should We Do With These Eggs??

One of the things we are grateful for is our wonderful neighbors - and their amazing eggs!

One of the things we are grateful for is our wonderful neighbors – and their amazing eggs!

Our neighbor Ginny stopped by and brought us a dozen entirely perfect eggs from her rural chicken ranch. Free-range pets fed on the finest seeds and insects, her chickens lay eggs that – at this time of year – have rich orange yolks, a sturdy shell and a white that hangs together in a perfect circle in poaching water.

But. . .now I’m wondering – what is the perfect dish to showcase these babies?

What dish would you like to see these eggs star in?

I’m open to suggestions. If I end up taking your suggestion, I’ll try it out and write about it in a future post. You’ll get credits and all kinds of good ‘boo!!

So help me out – what can I do with these utterly gorgeous eggs!!

I mean really!!

  • Scotch eggs
  • Deviled eggs
  • Bacon and eggs
  • Ham and eggs
  • Scrambled eggs
  • Poached eggs
  • Fried eggs
  • Shirred eggs
  • Coddled eggs
  • Omelets
  • Pickled eggs
  • Quiche

The list goes on – this doesn’t even scratch the surface!! Comment with your suggestions and help me figure out what to do with these eggs!



  • Shellyraeclift

    Oooh, perfect golden egg custard. The color will be spectacular. And oh so yum! Served warm in a nest of delicate pastry.

    Ok, now I need custard.

    • JeffLemkin

      Shelly, I love that idea and coincidentally I was browsing through Thomas Keller’s excellent cook-and-reminiscence-book “Bouchon” right at the spot where he spoke of egg custard with reverence and love. I think this is where I’m going. Or maybe poached over a lil bitter greens?

  • Nevrize

    I would love you to donate only one for my 7 months old baby! So his first egg experience in this country will be positive 🙂   lol 

    • JeffLemkin

      Nev!! HAHAHahaha!! That is beautiful and of *course* I’ll – ahem – donate an egg to the cause. You’ll have to come up to Camano for a visit – but that’s another positive experience. 🙂 I am laughing quite loudly right now!

  • Nevrize

    🙂 We will come to visit you soon. I’ll bring some Turkish food with me. We always talked about it but you never had a chance to taste my cooking. Let’s shoot for some sunny day in the near future!!

    • JeffLemkin

      Nevrize, that would be lovely!! Give a ring when the time is right – look forward to meeting your kiddo & hubby!

  • Julia G.

    I love a good egg dish. How about the Korean dish, Bibimbap?  Ooohh, or maybe a Spanish tortilla? And since they are fresh, you should have some poached on rye…simple and delish.

    • Julia G.


    • JeffLemkin

      Spanish tortilla is perfect! Love those – and I couldn’t agree more – especially with the rye bread – what’s up with the West Coast and its ridiculous lack of good rye bread??

  • Sue Engle

    Oh, Jeff, I’m seeing frittata with these. Perfect with all those delish leftover veggies that are doubtlessly in your refrig, not to mention cojita that I know you have.

    • JeffLemkin

      Mmmm. . .frittata – all omelets should be frittatas. OK, almost all!